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Component Sourcing, Labelling and Packaging

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Component Sourcing, Labelling and Packaging

Our procurement team can source all components as required through our diverse supply chain.  We understand that quality is important and cost efficient ingredients, packaging and labels are essential for your brand to be competitive. 

Extensive Inventory of Raw Material

Within our 10,000sqm facility, we stock a large inventory of raw materials tracked, traced and rotated through an automated inventory system. We have capacity to manufacture products within short time frames with the freshest ingredients.

Labelling Design and Printing

We offer labels, design and printing assistance as required. Our team can guide you and your graphic designer through this process. We support all processes such as screen printing, quality labels, retail cartons, shelf ready display and custom made items. 

Packaging Solutions

Packaging is important to the look and feel of your brand. We can assist in sourcing quality packaging that meets your requirement. Packaging types include: glass, recycled and recyclable plastics, caps and closures, boxes, renewables and environmentally sustainable packaging. Feel free to call us to discuss.

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